Monday, May 5, 2014

Out of Class Event

For my out of class event, I went to a ceremony for my dad at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. Since my dad was an organ donor, my mom, brother and I were invited to come to this ceremony, along with about 200 other people, to celebrate the lives of family members who were lost, but gave life to others by being organ donors.
I wish that I could say it was a beautiful ceremony, but it was far from what I expected. I thought that people that had received organs would be sharing their stories about how grateful they are to be given life again but I was wrong. It was just a very sad and depressing get together, almost like another funeral which I did not appreciate. It was supposed to be a positive ceremony from what I understood, but it was just very negative and cheesy, I’m so disappointed with how it turned out. My dad was such a happy funny guy. I know that he’s happy that he was able to save other’s lives and let them see. He would not have wanted the fact that he was an organ donor to be celebrated in such a saddened way.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

No class, free blog

So it's Wednesday and we didn't have class. I guess that means I get to write about whatever I did today! It's not that exciting honestly. I woke up and went to the dentist at 8am only to find out that my appointment is next Monday. So obviously I went home and went back to sleep. And I had some GOOD. SLEEP. Horrible dreams but I slept like a rock! My moms been really sick for the past few days which sucks so now we're at patient first. That's pretty much my whole morning. I mean it's only like one now and I have the whole rest of the day so I'll be out enjoying this weather soon! Maybe I'll wash my car... I need to!


Poetry is alright if you find something you like. I like Robert Frost's poems because I had to memorize them in middle school and we studied them so much that I actually know what they mean.... Somewhat. Another poem that I like is by this guy that is OCD, his girlfriend left him and he wants to get her back so bad so he rights this extremely heart felt poem about her and it's a really really great poem. It tugs on the heart strings!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

New job!

I just got a new job at Ocharley's! I'm excited but I haven't really been able to have a spring break. I've been working allllll week, literally every day, so that kind've sucks. But at least I'll get my training all done at one time and out of the way before next week. School, work, social life, a boyfriend and family... It's all becoming very, VERY hard for me to balance. I just can't wait until summer. Hopefully things will be easier by then. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Friday was our last day of classes before spring break. Yay! So we played a little taboo which was actually really fun! We should play that game more often. It really opens your mind to think outside of the box in a fun way. Our rough drafts are going to be due on Monday so I should probably get started on mine... It's been a very busy spring break for me so far. A very busy semester too!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Glass Menagerie

So on Wednesday we watched a movie, the glass menagerie. It was so boring that even Sweeney fell asleep. Haha no it was okay, but the characters are so annoying! I hope people didn't really act like that in the 30s... Well the only characters that were super annoying were Amanda, the mom and Laura, the daughter. But they were the main characters anyway. They're accents were just so irritating and the way that they spoke about things! Like they were crazy. Little miss Laura couldn't even answer the door without pissing her pants, like it was rediculous. She probably acts like that because her mom controls her whe life though so I can see why Laura would have some problems. That movie/play is such a mess! I do think I have a pretty good grasp on the importance of it though. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

One day of class!

Well, since Wednesday was the only day of class, I guess I will be writing about Wednesday. On wednesday, we got into some groups and talked about our rough draft for our papers. My draft was very rough indeed. But I had some pretty good connections to characters in the stories we've read. Of course it could use a little work, but that's what rough drafts are all about! We were supposed to bring in two copies of our rough drafts on friday (today) but snow got in the way. Luckily, Friday wasn't just any other ordinary day, it was Valentine's Day! So I went out with my mom to get her first tattoo (that's right, first tattoo). My best friend's dad is a professional tattoo artist and did my mom's tattoo. Its just some small lettering on her wrist and it looks really good. It says "he loves me" in Italian. It's for my dad. He might not have approved it, but he still loves her and she knows. Even if he can't tell her.